Thursday, December 28, 2017

Unwrapping the past

As we go through boxes from our storage, we are finding some boxes that were wrapped up in 1999 and haven't been opened since. Unwrapping has been an opportunity to look back in time and see not only what's in the boxes, but what's shown on the newspaper we used for cushioning. We can see what's changed and what really hasn't. President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky were in the news, cell phones going hands-free was new, the coolest people had flip phones, and SUVs were just beginning to take hold. Who remembers Hollywood Video, The Good Guys, Radio Shack, or Cellular One? Who remembers being able to buy a (manufactured) home in Sunnyvale for $125,000? Such a long time ago but it also feels just like yesterday.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Makin' lemonade one rhinovirus at a time

That headline is as clever as I'm going to get today since I am recovering from the aforementioned rhinovirus or common cold. On the upswing, all is well. But! Today's lemonade moment was again seeing Bill's amazing woodworking in progress. I asked him for an action sequence and this is what he offered:

He is stripping the old paint off our house's original doors so that we can re-use these beauties. Solid wood, interesting grain, but a fair amount of work to prepare them for re-hanging. That's my boy's superhero identity, Eco Carpenter Man, always wanting to re-use beautiful stuff rather than buy new.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Wood you believe it?

The beauty that lies beneath the paint on these doors is well worth the effort and time to strip them. These are from two sources, our original broken, tear-down house and a job site where Bill worked eons ago. He has saved materials from job sites for years, and they are about ready to make their debut as beautiful finish details. 

Thursday, November 23, 2017

My punny valentine

We recently moved our spinet piano out of storage and look forward to getting it cleaned and tuned after the holiday rush. (Who knew that piano tuners are booked up months in advance?)

We winced when we tried to install the piano's music stand and realized that we did not have the vintage screws that hold it upright. Eventually, we will find a new set, but there hasn't been any structure to hold up sheets or a music book.

This morning, we unpacked several sets of dishes, some of which we do not recall at all. We stacked up some of these dishes and their matching cups on top of the piano to clear our workspace as we opened even more boxes.

Me, walking through: "Looks like you got yourself a music stand."
Bill: "Yes, a CUP-ple of them."
Both of us: {silly giggling}
Me: "You're learning 'Linus and Lucy'? squeeeeeeeee!"

A precious gift, a valuable role model

As we have approached this point where we unpack long-stored items, I have been waiting patiently for the moment when I could see this art piece again. It was a gift from my father to my mother, and it hung on the wall in our living room in the house they built for us. I don't know the history of the piece, but the hand-forged nails that hold it together might be a clue.

With all of the similar-style memes all over the internet these days, I have thought many times while it has been in storage about this woman and how she is teaching the men to drink. She's a great role model from long ago, a woman who is leading, teaching, and offering her, ahem, expertise to younger men. Thanks to my parents and especially my mother who taught me to be strong and independent, just like her. I am also deeply fortunate that my boy loves that type of mate.

That fellow on the right looks like he's about done, eh?

The 10 days of Christmas

Today, we unpacked several boxes that have been in storage for some time, our very own time capsules.

Over the course of my childhood, creativity was always encouraged. Lots of projects were going on year round, but especially at the holidays. One year, we bought a set of cookie molds featuring the 12 Days of Christmas, and then made ornaments from them. Today, we found ten of them, and it's doubtful that the other two are still around. {Have you started singing the song yet to see which ones are missing? When you figure it out, let us know :-}

The little drummer boy's head has fallen off while in storage, but he still adds a fine beat. 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Contem-plating our storage

Today, Bill is deciding on the layout of our cabinet shelves, installing the side panels and trim pieces on our kitchen cabinets. There are always many more steps than you might think, and the detail decisions that we make together are many. Well, actually, I often say, "Whatever you want! You've done this much more in your life than I have." His eye for design is impressive and his ability to install things beautifully wows me regularly.