Sunday, April 8, 2018

Putting temporary seating behind us

Why, yes, we do like having people over. For board meetings, movies, dinners, music practice, the list goes on. It's time we provided a proper place for those visitors to put their behinds, rather than on a folding chair. We have been going back and forth on couch options but think that we have a direction now. Heck, we might even have barstools picked out. It was a wild and crazy Saturday morning with decisions left and right. For two people who met in a chiropractor's office, having a quality seat is important. 

Laddering up

Even after all these years, I am still *amazed* at how hard crews in the building trades work, and how different their work is from mine. Ladders and rooftop work still concerns me, so when the crew arrived to begin our solar installation, the best thing for me to do was head to the office. Forget that my beloved sweetheart is up there with the crew, making decisions about the installation options. Breeze past thinking about the number of times that workers will scurry up the ladder with one hand while the other hand carries a panel and other materials. All respect and appreciation to those who build our world. I certainly could not do their job and I hope we don't take them for granted. Now get down from there.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Building community along with building our home

When we moved to our little fixer-upper house, we knew that the street on our long block was in rough shape. What we did not know is that it was considered one of the worst in San Jose. Through the help of many committed neighbors and our former councilmember Ken Yeager, we worked together to find the funds to get our road re-built from the infrastructure up. New water mains, sewer pipes, new sidewalks and a new smooth roadway. This level of re-work was needed due to the broken pipes below the surface that caused the issues shown in these photos, something else that was recently unearthed from storage.

The photos don't include smell-o-vision, so I will mention that sewage smells were evident in front of some neighbors' homes during heavy rains. Not just yucky, but a true health hazard.

We learned a lot from existing neighborhood leaders about community engagement and activism through this process that we began our own deep commitment to helping our area be even more amazing.

Seasonal traditions springing up

Yesterday started with an unexpected but important errand that took us north to Mountain View. Afterward, Bill suggested that we go to the best nursery in the area, Yamagami's, for vegetables and herbs since we were in the general area. This has been our spring ritual for more than 20 years and is a sweet sign that summer garden treats are right around the corner. If you are in the South Bay and have never been to Yamagami's, go! Amazing selection, knowledge and sweet staff, too.

Bill planted herbs for his indoor garden later that afternoon.

Drawing ever closer

Yesterday, we found these very early drawings for the house we now have. Some adjustments were made after these drawings, and it was fun to look back on the evolution of our sweet nest. We've stayed focused on enjoying the journey and the process and these drawings reminded us of the arc of our house's history.

What it means to lead...

Back at the tail end of the dot-com boom, I started working for a consulting company called USWeb/CKS with many amazing colleagues, many of whom are still role models for me. Just a few months after I started, the company changed its name to marchFIRST, and announced it on, well, yes, March 1. By the end of that year, I had decided to leave and departed just a few weeks before the company declared bankruptcy. Phew. We found this notebook in an old box yesterday and it reminded me of that time, how what was normal then in business is so surreal now.

The cover says: "Put your best idea forward. marchFIRST"

You can read a bit more about this short-lived company here.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Feeling trim

OR: "We jambin', I wanna jamb it with you, We jambin', I hope you like jambin' too." The B is silent. wink, wink.

Okay, how about "Just fir you". Ba dum bum. I'll be here all year.

Bill is sorting through fir boards that came from the original house and will use them as interior trim.