Sunday, April 1, 2018

Building community along with building our home

When we moved to our little fixer-upper house, we knew that the street on our long block was in rough shape. What we did not know is that it was considered one of the worst in San Jose. Through the help of many committed neighbors and our former councilmember Ken Yeager, we worked together to find the funds to get our road re-built from the infrastructure up. New water mains, sewer pipes, new sidewalks and a new smooth roadway. This level of re-work was needed due to the broken pipes below the surface that caused the issues shown in these photos, something else that was recently unearthed from storage.

The photos don't include smell-o-vision, so I will mention that sewage smells were evident in front of some neighbors' homes during heavy rains. Not just yucky, but a true health hazard.

We learned a lot from existing neighborhood leaders about community engagement and activism through this process that we began our own deep commitment to helping our area be even more amazing.

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