Sunday, November 17, 2013


We feel that we must take time out from our "little" project to appreciate life. While many people ask us, "when will it be done?" the answer is always the same. "When it's done." We aren't taking the speedy route, but we are taking the happy, minimal-stress route. So, when the sky is this beautiful, you must take time out to appreciate it and everything else in life.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

A new pinstripe suit

Well, either we are laying out fabric for a new charcoal gray pinstripe suit, or we now have a watertight roof.  Woot, woot, woot! No more bucket brigades if it rains. Big, big stuff.

Bill has been referring to this step as "getting paper on the roof" so I imagined something similar to what is under the siding, a much lighter weight Tyvek-type product. While that never seemed like enough to make the roof watertight, I didn't ask, since he's the professional and I just work in an office, so what do I know? I certainly don't know the significance of the stripes, but it sure looks like suit fabric. This is the closest we will get to either of us wearing pinstripes, I think. ;-)

Beauty is in the details

Even though I've been watching Bill build fabulous stuff for 20 years now, I am still in wondrous awe of the beautiful details that he puts into his work. These pieces will be stacked narrow on top of wider, and then installed in the eaves for an extra beautiful detail. This is truly his artform.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Raising part of the roof

Bill was patient to pose while carrying a heavy roll of roofing material up to where
it will be installed. I shall leave him alone for the rest of his task!

In the light

Above the living room and office

Over the stairwell
We will have four skylights, one in the front living room, one in the office, one in the stairwell, and one over our bed. Bill cut the hole for the fourth one yesterday, and it will be great to lay in bed looking up to the sky.

Goodbye side door, hello siding

It had to happen someday. The open wall that we've been using to enter the new kitchen from the driveway had to be closed at some point, simply because there's no door in that spot in our design. It has been a very handy entrance point, though, and we will sort of miss it. But, the siding had to be finished, so goodbye side door, hello siding.

Sunbathing beauty

Kyro seems to find the ray of sunshine where it is. Such a bathing beauty. And cold-weather wimp.

You make a better door...

...and window(s). I've been so busy with work that Bill selected the door with just a little bit of input from me after seeing the general direction he wanted to go with. "Ensure that I can see out of the windows with just a little bit of tiptoe-standing." He is so great with the visual style of the house, that I knew he would choose something beautiful. And he did! Next, we will decide on the color for the stain, something equally appealing.