Friday, September 5, 2014

Pythagorean theorem, oh boy

Today, we had a planning session with our electrician. Lots of decisions were made, and in a metaphorical game of dominoes, a few important things need to be decided before we can move much further. It's a challenging math problem, but as they say, there's always a solution. We just have to re-work the math and choose the best option with the fewest compromises. No problem.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tuesday tidings, too

One of yesterday's blog posts disappeared, so here it is again. A rerun, of sorts!

Measure twice, cut once  

Our red runner beans provide a little beauty among the sawdust.

No doubt who is the professional in this conversation!

Why, yes, electrical is expensive!

Quality, quality

I've had opportunities this week to spend a few minutes with our electrician and plumber, and am appreciating them a lot. These are fellas with whom Bill has worked for many years, and they are friends as well as incredibly talented subs. I realize as I chat with them that they are just like Bill, very focused on quality work, detail-oriented, friendly, fun to be around, helpful, and honorable. While our project isn't anything close to a speed sport, it is a daily experience in what we truly value. Thanks, fellas, you're the best.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


One of the cool things about Bill is that he -actually- takes time out to smell the roses. He will stop on a walk to notice flowers, trees, and the sky. Over dinner with friends on Friday night, he drew our attention to the sky and we all piled outside to take it in. It's important to take time out to see the beauty around us, even as we create more beauty with our little project. :-)