Thursday, May 21, 2015

Acid wash makes a comback

We ran a quick errand this afternoon to pick up stain for our concrete floor. We are using a product by Scofield that is an acid stain that Bill has used in the past. A friend is an expert at applying the stain, so he will lend us a hand. We couldn't do what we are doing without the great help of our many friends in various trades. Such smart folks with great experience and willingness to help us out in so many ways. :-)

Tampers! For tamping down various materials.

This appears to be a torture tool. I chose not to embarrass Bill by asking the burly construction guys what the bleep it is.

We chose a combination of Padre Brown and Copper Patina.

The catalog's sample photo

The shop's live sample that has seen a lot of bootprints.

Yarn! Squeeee!

The actual goods we were seeking. They look like sno-cone flavors!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Some old souls

Over many years, Bill has brought home discarded wood from job sites, hoping to re-use it. He is doing that now by building our front porch out of old-growth redwood. The boards were already painted, and it's already enough work to re-use them, so they will be painted again. So, visitors will be greeted by some very old souls.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Every day is "Take Your Dog to Work Day"

I find myself so incredibly fascinated by construction. It would never occur to me that you must fasten a porch to the house with big bolts. Other stuff I can think through logically, but I am genuinely flummoxed by some of the steps our house is going through. He said something about a flux capacitor but I think he was joking. Right?

I was able to watch Bill work in his office the other day doing this very task. Just like at my office desk, he has his tools spread out within easy reach but unlike my workplace, his pup Kyro is nearby overseeing the project. A watched carpenter can feel extra pressure, so I went back to my own work instead of peering over his shoulder for too long, no matter the fun I am having. A perfectly astute and logical choice on my part.

Step into my office (or living room)

Bill is building the front porch steps, and these are parts of that puzzle. Such beauty in this wood that some might just pass by, but I come to a screeching halt, remarking to no one in particular, "Ohhhhh! So cool." Perhaps someday he will tire of me asking so many questions about the building process (occupational hazard of a researcher) but something tells me, no. Who could tire of genuine interest in your life's work? Not him, not many folks.