Monday, September 19, 2016

A rather dry delivery

We have been doing math homework tonight, and we're not even in school. We had 10,000 square feet of drywall delivered today, which [shockingly] our calculations tell us equates to 11 tons of weight added to the house.

This tells me (again) the importance of structural engineering, acquiring the proper tools, and teamwork! It now makes sense to me why the stucco guy did not want to add the final coat until after drywall is installed, since the house needs to adjust to the extra weight.

This process can be fascinating if you let it be! (A higher-resolution version is on YouTube.)

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

In the hands of a professional

Yesterday, I worked at home to do some writing. In the afternoon, I took a break and walked upstairs to say something to Bill. I found him halfway in the ceiling, working to put up drywall where our rather large whole-house fan will be installed (inside the laundry closet). I was (again!) amazed at all that he knows and all that he is doing to build our house. I was also amazed at his hands, covered in drywall dust and asked him to stop briefly so that I could capture that moment. I am always mindful of not slowing down his progress or interrupting great concentration on the math that is needed to get angles right and all that stuff. So, it's not a great photo but it does tell part of our story.

As he works to install this big fan, I know that he has one even bigger fan in me.