Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Being counter productive

Yesterday was another exciting day with our little project. Our new countertops arrived and the fabricating crew installed them. Progress!

The underside of the countertops include steel supports so that they are strong and sturdy.

The installation begins.

Mad Chemist 100% Virgin Acetone, whatever that is.

The new island.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Fun with fabricators

When you buy a slab (or three) for your kitchen counters, you have to decide the shape into which they will be cut. To do this, you work with a fabricator. The first step is for a worker to come to your kitchen to create a template of your surfaces on site. The fabricator builds these templates out of thin wood like balsa and the shape is assembled with staples. Bill was working on this step as I left for my work trip on Tuesday.

Today, as  I returned, we drove straight from the airport to the fabricator's warehouse where our slabs (and those of many other customers) are in process. We needed to look at how the templates are placed on the slab to ensure that we like the portions that will be in different parts of the room and agree on how it will be pieced together.

We made slight adjustments back and forth that were probably back to the same position that the fabricator suggested before we arrived. It will be exciting to see these slabs cut, assembled, and installed soon!

A fabricator's workstation

Someone else's slab and template

The templating process ensures that shapes and sizes will work in a space and not lead to an expensive mistake.

"Let's move this a little..."

Our kitchen island