Sunday, October 21, 2012

It was a dark and stormy night...

...or we expect it to be. The forecast is for a fair amount of rain starting late tonight and going for a day or so.  Yahooeee.

To help protect the framing, Bill spent several hours installing a protective tarp. Sounds straightforward as a task, kind of similar to covering a baseball field when the weather turns, lots of fluid movement, the team swooshing the tarp onto the playing field. Yeah, not so much when your playing field is one story up and the tarp is folded tight.

Bill asked for my help to get things started and I was immediately grateful that I work in an office. I've seen him scoot up ladders quickly and solidly for years, but it was a challenge for me to climb up to the partial plywood surface covering the second-floor joists. Then, we had to start unfolding the tightly wrapped new tarps. Oh, did I say that there were two? Yeah. That was an online ordering hiccup that I won't describe here. :-|

The unfolding was a slow, steady process of unwrapping the heavy tarps, re-orienting, unfolding more, rotating, rinse, repeat. Fortunately, our friend and neighbor Fred came by to lend a hand, and since he is an experienced house painter, he is comfortable climbing all around on houses and was able to take over and help more than I could. Here's part of the story:

Bill came in for dinner and the final inning of the Giants game and then went back out until 9:00 pm to finish up. What can I say, he's a machine.

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