Saturday, January 3, 2015

South Bay Decisions, Inc.

Today, we visited South Bay Materials in San Jose to look at materials that will be spread in our soon-to-be new front yard as temporary ground covering. At some near point, we will move the construction fence back and put the selected materials over the ground. We took advantage of the holiday break to go together to look at options, and learned that several types of bark or wood chips are dyed to reddish browns, blacks, etc. Who knew? Our favorite option is a dye-free material that is kid-safe and often used in play areas. Decision made and ready to implement when the project is ready.

This stuff is called Gorilla Grass. Huh?
Checking out each option
Super helpful worker guy coming, beep, beep, beep...

Bins full of options

Carpenter, meet Caterpillar

Shades of my childhood!
Shades of my childhood, part 2

No idea what these are, but they look cool on the shelf

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