Saturday, February 14, 2015

A chrome-plated Valentine

We don't do the traditional things on Valentine's Day, evidenced by our celebratory trip to check out plumbing fixtures. Big fun! We didn't quite find what we wanted, so the search continues. Just like relationships, now is not the time to compromise so that we're sorry later. ;-)

This faucet combo includes toothbrush holders. Or does it?

This design comes with a license plate frame. Or does it?

Just a few of the possible options...


Okay, so we are both about 12 years old. I half expected us to be thrown out of this high-end showroom, giggling.

So many ways to flush a toilet! Oh, yeah, there I am in the reflection.

Choosing the right finish is so important as it narrows down the field considerably.

This showroom comes with bathrobes, slippers, towels, soap...

Drooling over this in-home sauna. Not included in our plans. Yet.

Something for every desired style.

We are beginning to look at tile treatments. This one seems to be hand-applied, so very labor intensive.
I'm no expert in this, though.

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