Sunday, May 3, 2015

Every day is "Take Your Dog to Work Day"

I find myself so incredibly fascinated by construction. It would never occur to me that you must fasten a porch to the house with big bolts. Other stuff I can think through logically, but I am genuinely flummoxed by some of the steps our house is going through. He said something about a flux capacitor but I think he was joking. Right?

I was able to watch Bill work in his office the other day doing this very task. Just like at my office desk, he has his tools spread out within easy reach but unlike my workplace, his pup Kyro is nearby overseeing the project. A watched carpenter can feel extra pressure, so I went back to my own work instead of peering over his shoulder for too long, no matter the fun I am having. A perfectly astute and logical choice on my part.

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