Saturday, July 16, 2016

Feeling secure

For a few years, we have had a construction fence up around our property. This week, we took it down. Just six words in that sentence, but it’s a big, big accomplishment! In a way, we are sorry to see the compound go, but it was time, and the neighbors surely agree. Before we took it down, we installed a video doorbell and security cameras, all with motion detection. This new equipment will help us feel like our special space will remain secure.

On the day that the fence came down, I was able to watch Bill (via the security cameras) work like mad, what he does every day but is not always visible to me or anyone else. Every time I peeked in, he was hammering, lifting, shoveling, and more. I’m so impressed and inspired by him, my amazing, visionary, hard-working boy.

The process

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