Sunday, May 7, 2017

Would you or wood you knot?

While we were out of town, hardwood was delivered for our front rooms downstairs. The wood needs to acclimate for several days to the temperature and moisture levels in the rooms where it will be installed, so it is resting just like we were.

We decided to have our flooring contractor install bare hardwood and then stain it the desired color. The bare stair treads arrive in one piece with something called a stair nose. The nose is the curved part that hangs over the riser. For construction nerds (especially stair construction geeks, so much math!), check out the illustration and commence the discussion and other ideas over what the parts of stairs are called in your world.

Bundles of oak for one of our rooms

Stacks of hardwood plus stair treads


  1. This was posted just in time. I'm investigating how to build a set of stairs outside, and I didn't know the name of that "thingy" on the side. Now I know it is called a stringer! I feel so empowered! Thanks! Peggy

  2. Bill calls it a skirt, as in, "look at our beautiful old-growth redwood skirt."