Friday, June 12, 2015

Keeping the faith

I have decided that acid staining of a concrete floor is like a relationship. Every one is unique, and its outcome cannot be predicted reliably. Aspects of the staining blend this way and that, and while it may not turn out the way that you expected, it can be adjusted to something that fits you more than it did before. When something turns out to be darker than you want, it's best to remember to keep the faith that this lifetime commitment will work out and become lighter, but only if you fully believe and remain steady.

Yeah, like that.

Our family room/kitchen floor turned out in an unexpected way, but with all of the humidity we have had this week, it was not curing completely. So, we were able to adjust the color, and it now resembles aged leather, and we love it. It is very challenging to get an accurate photo of it, especially with light flaring in from all of the windows (a lovely problem to have, of course), but these give you an idea. It's not quite this reddish, but close. It would have done us absolutely no good to panic about how it looked earlier this week. Calmly keeping the faith is the key to a lot of life.

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