Saturday, September 12, 2015

Rub a dub dub...

...only three gallons in the tub, at least until California's severe drought is over. We went shopping for tubs today, and learned some important information. At our first stop, we saw acrylic tubs and cast iron tubs. The worker guy recommended against putting a cast iron tub upstairs, since they weigh over 300 pounds, water weighs 8 pounds per gallon, plus human weight = too much weight to bear on the house's structure. Since we didn't think we wanted an acrylic tub, we were left a little flummoxed about our choices. But! On our second stop, we learned about porcelain over stainless steel which weighs 3.5 times less than cast iron.

It's amazing what happens when you ask more questions to inquire a bit further than you originally thought you would, but in my business, you think that I would know that. ;-D

The shopping experience for tubs is really lame. You stand on the ground looking up so much at tubs that your neck starts to hurt. And, you can't test them out. Harumph.

The angle of tub slopes is very important, but the weight is more important.

A myriad of tub traps

Shall we ask The Swedish Chef about Schluter-KERDI?
(We have no idea what a "shower in a box" is...)

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