Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Splish, splash, I was takin' a bath...

...long about no time soon, but eventually. When the drought is over. But, we have found that shopping for the right bathtub takes a lot of time. The angle of the back slope is important, especially when the homeowners met in a chiropractic office. We hear different things at each place that we shop, so we will be doing some independent investigations to narrow down our choices. This is proving to be one of the more challenging choices during our little project. But, we are grateful to be able to have the choice in front of us.


"You've got to be a submariner to run that shower," said Bill. I would not know where to begin.


Tubz in Fremont claims to be the world's largest bathtub showroom.

Soooo, I called out, "Bill!" to get his attention. He turned around and could not find me...

...he had to zoom in a little and look down.

You must try out each tub to see if they are comfortable.

Every time that Bill says that we need to go to RV Cloud, I think of recreational vehicles and become confused. Then, I think about clouds, and I am even more confused. Perhaps our visit will stop that. Here's hoping!

Why, yes, that -is- a $6,000 toilet!

Awwww, this silliness never gets old. -snicker-

The piece on top controls the flow, which comes out of the ceramic spout.

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