Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunday morning in the Boneyard

Fireclay Tile in San Jose held a big sale in their Boneyard this morning, their name for their piles of tile remnants. All are locally made and priced to move. Each box was just $10, with proceeds going to Habitat for Humanity. I arrived about 45 minutes before they were scheduled to open and saw that they were already selling. This allowed me to not only find the last parking space on their block, but also start searching for treasures before the crowds arrived.

Since my mother was in the brick, block, and stone business for a long time (including tile), you would think that I would remember the thick dust that spreads over the outdoor storage area, plus the heavy weight of the tile boxes. Nope! I stopped when my back started aching and the sun came out, creating a too-warm environment to keep going. I brought home two boxes that I hope we can use in our guest bath and the garden. (There's something about this purchase that reminds me of Lucille Ball, but I haven't figured out what just yet. Maybe it's her bringing home an "idea" to Ricky. Or the chocolate factory. mmmm, chocolate.)

Fireclay's Boneyard is closing since they have found a way to recycle all remnant tiles and the effort to store and sell remnants is no longer worth it for them. They are open until 3:00 if you want to run by. After that, all leftover tile will be donated to Habitat.

A selection of glass tiles

A small portion of the decorative tiles offered

Beautiful -and- inexpensive

You never quite know what you will find...

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