Friday, October 23, 2015

Somebody moved in before us!

This morning, Bill discovered that someone had moved into the house before us. Well, not exactly in the house. More like on the house. A bird had built a nest on top of the highest external beam using asparagus fern from the garden, straw, and bits of fabric. Just yesterday, I chatted with a friend about how nests really need to be safely removed lest their, ahem, output create real damage to wood surfaces and more.

Bill was able to put a cell phone on a long monopod (the closest we'll get to a selfie stick) and capture a video of the nest to be sure that it was unoccupied. No sign of active life, so we removed the little birdie condo. Just another day in our little project.

Nice little nest we are building! For humans.

The top side of the nest, using bits of old carpet that we use to keep dust down.

The bottom side of the nest, showing asparagus ferns from our garden.

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