Thursday, November 5, 2015

Chain-reaction lemonade

Throughout this time that I haven't been working, I have focused on enjoying being present and occasionally meandering through a day to see what I discover. By slowing down to mindfully observe my world, I have been finding cool new places and people. Some days are one big chain reaction, where one experiment leads to another and another. My other goal has been to make lemonade out of lemons wherever and whenever I can.

After a semi-frustrating experience trying to get our car serviced this morning, I pulled out my metaphorical lemonade sippy cup and decided to find a good salad for lunch. I remembered reading about a place across Highway 280 from us and decided to try it. After a yummy lunch at iJava Cafe (site of the now-closed Lou's Living Donut Museum for the old-time San Jose residents), I walked out to the car and tipped my head up to see my world. Right next door is a place called School of Visual Philosophy. Classes in painting, welding, blacksmithing, sculpture, lithography, and more. A foundry! Where have you been all my life? I immediately thought of two amazing people, Bill for his plans to build two tables out of reclaimed wood, and the amazing Zai Divecha and her beautiful creations. As we near the time when we will receive a final sign-off from the city on our little hobby, we think a lot about what to build for the interiors, and this place might be able to help us form our ideas.

A wonderfully friendly artist gave me a quick tour and I practiced mindfulness by not snapping photos during our conversation. So, you will need to visit physically or virtually. Get your art on, friends. :-D

Perhaps a class here is in our future!

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