Monday, October 3, 2016

A magical Monday

Somehow, magically, while we were in out of town with friends, drywall appeared on some of our walls. We noticed elven footprints in the street, on the stairs, here and there throughout the house. Blue board appeared in the bathrooms, white drywall appeared in other rooms, pooooof!

This is how it may seem to others, that this stuff gets done while we hike and sightsee and enjoy time with friends. The actual story is that through many, many phone calls, emails, texts, in-person conversations, and contract signings, Bill arranged for the drywall installation to begin while we were away and it was terribly exciting to see the progress as we returned home. After all of the drywall is installed, it will be taped and mud will be applied using the Old World finish, which we saw in its traditional form at the Ahwahnee Hotel in plaster rather than drywall mud. We continue to thoroughly love our construction journey and see it as the realization of a wonderfully sweet dream that we are so lucky to be able to carry out. Thank you to today's elves, and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow to continue the exciting journey.

Our first clue that elves had been there today

Pieces of the puzzle

Blue board in the bathrooms

Tieing up loose ends

Elven footprints

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