Friday, October 7, 2016

Accepting, trusting, going with the flow

Ever since the drywall installation process started, there has been a layer of drywall dust all over the house. As the installation was completed and taping/mudding started, I didn't think much of it. The layer of powdered sugar-like stuff was pretty much everywhere, but I found myself noticing it but not reacting in any way to it.

Later, Bill told me that the experts recommended leaving the dust so that extra drywall mud would plop onto it and then be easier to clean up if it fell on a dry, powdered surface rather than the subfloor or masonite sheets. I found myself listening, learning, and realizing that I trust his skills and expertise so fully (and the experience of his chosen subcontractors) that I knew there must be a reason for leaving the dust there. There's a lot of comfort in trusting someone so fully and having zero interest in questioning their approach.

And, yes, we will be using a rake indoors!

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