Saturday, December 31, 2016

The art of sales

We have been in a fair number of showrooms lately looking for and purchasing a variety of items for our remodel. We have noticed that some sales folk are very good at their jobs and then there are some others. Yeah, the not-so-welcoming ones. On several occasions, we have been in a showroom discussing sizable purchases with someone who either answers questions mechanistically (Just the facts, ma'am) with no desire or awareness that going just one level deeper in the conversation just might yield a productive conversation and a big sale. Or, there's an occasional type that aims to denigrate our prior decisions and make us feel like we are very small people with no importance or relevance in that moment or any other. What those less effective salespeople may not realize is that we simply won't buy from them. We are deeply loyal to someone who goes the extra mile to explain something or offer a solution to a dilemma. If we explain our unique situation and you offer amazing ideas and flexibility to make the dilemma disappear, we will buy from you and remember you always, especially when someone asks for a referral. But, if you don't listen at all ("We're looking for something with much less gray in it." "Here's our gray selection..."), well, then. Let me repeat myself.

We are deeply grateful to be able to make these purchasing decisions and just as grateful for several sales folk who have helped us immensely recently. You are superstars.

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  1. In that case...stay clear away from Uni Marble...absolute worse experience ever...they even went as far as to suggest I buy a bigger cooktop, when they cut the counter hole the wrong size. No, they weren't going to pay for it...and the cooktop would have stuck out the back of the cabinets and into the knees of whomever was sitting there in a stool. ...and then proceeded to err on the other 2 slabs they were putting in.