Monday, February 27, 2017

Dan, Dan, the Cabinet Man

Two talented carpenters, working together

One of the amazing things about working with dear friends on our remodel is the amazing talent they have and the immense respect we have for their skills and experience. Our friend Dan is a wonderful cabinet maker and he visited on Sunday to talk through our kitchen layout.

Over the years of being a carpenter's wife (cue up Tangled Up In Blue), a fun thing that I have done occasionally is hang out listening to two woodworkers teaming up on a project. For Sunday's visit, I listened quietly to Bill and Dan working together, and was amazed at the terminology they used, some of which is still foreign to me after all these years.

Do you know what these terms mean? No Googling!
  • Fur it out
  • Step piece
  • Burn an inch
Getting it all worked out

Double-checking the appliance measurements

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