Friday, February 3, 2017

Hot fun on a Friday night

 So, some may wonder what older married folks do on a Friday night. Or maybe they don't.

I always know that Bill is doing amazing things while I am at work, and some days, I get a text towards the end of the day with hints about something that he wants to show me. Tonight, he wanted to unwrap our bathrooms, since the tile and paint are done in all three. So, for our Friday night fun, we unwrapped three wonderful gifts. A lovely experience at the end of a long week.

The floor in the guest bathroom

The guest bath enclosure including tile from Fireclay on Julian in San Jose.

Beauty everywhere!

This carpenter works long, hard days...

...and attends to every detail.

The shower pan in our master bath.

The master bath
The second upstairs bath is unveiled.

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