Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Comin' out swinging

For a bit of time, like since 1999, our gate has been barely functional. In the last few months, Bill has wanted to open it as little as possible. To open it on those rare occasions, he had to have a helper on one side while he was on the other side with a hand truck to lift up the sagging, large gate and scoot it open or closed. The gate literally has not swung freely for many years, and now it does.

We've been counting the days until our new gates (one on each side of the house) are ready for installation. Today was the day! The crew from Professional Iron Works came in and installed what they had constructed in their warehouse and we are quite excited!

The old gate in the driveway was the only remaining portion of the old house, but it is redwood and will live on as interior trim after milling.

I'm sure the neighbors are just as happy as we are!

Our manual gate opener
The opposite of putting lipstick on a pig -- the old gates
Redwood and iron

The new driveway gate is installed while the old one is dismantled for milling.

The dogs don't have access to these gates yet since we have some surface adjustments to make.

Puppy ports

Big excitement! An actual key!

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