Wednesday, September 5, 2018

*DO* fence me in

Way back in the day in our area, detached garages were built right on property lines and over time, some of them became a pseudo fence. This means that a fence could be built starting at the street, and travel back towards a detached garage. At that point, the side wall of the garage became the stand-in for the fence and the actual fence continued behind it.

Years ago, when we tore down our old detached garage (we wanted to take it down before it fell on its own), we left the side wall as a part of the fence and his most recent project has been to re-build the fence including replacing the garage side wall.

The wood from the old garage wall and old fence will be planed and used for interior trim. Can't waste any redwood or fir!

The stucco first has to be peeled back from the garage wall.

Vintage fir

Some of the planed wood, ready to be used as interior trim

The new fence is almost done

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