Wednesday, July 22, 2015

It's all in the numbers

We often get asked, "How much of the old house are you keeping?" And, the answer is, "Just the address." Ba dum bum. We're here all week.

Seriously, we are really, truly only keeping the old back lit address marker from the old house. Half of the original walls are in the original locations (as required to still be considered a remodel) but they were completely re-built after the inspector saw that they were rotting. So, everything is new, except for the address. Bill is refurbishing the metal case, including repainting and rewiring (not that it needed it...). We think that this is original to the 1940s when the house was built, and probably cost $3.75 back then. What was old becomes new again. 
Beautifully repainted

A bit of the leftover wiring

Perhaps an original price of $3.75.
Notches were cut to make room for the newly refurbished address marker.

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