Saturday, July 11, 2015

Salvation via salvage

Our second stop in SF today was a new architectural salvage place called Building Resources. Wow, what a place! The true treasures took a little digging, but there were more items we could see ourselves using than in other similar places.

We made a few purchases, but will definitely be back after taking a few measurements for our transoms. Gotta find a use for the sheets of textured aluminum, too -- boy, was it something. Enough to make the creative wheels turn and turn...

It's amazing to see this stuff get saved and re-used rather than being sent to the landfill. :-D

A beautiful upright piano, on its side

While we have absolutely no use for a splayed, reclining piano,
it was still good to see that this thing already had a buyer.

Dinner-plate-sized lenses from traffic lights

Thank goodness we have no need for an I beam. This would break the little Prius!

A vintage juicer, an unexpected find among all of the building materials.

More tile!

Doors, doors, doors

Succulent inspiration

One of our purchases, orange glass lenses from construction road signs. 

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