Saturday, July 11, 2015

Tar-getting our intelligence

Our third stop in SF was a display of smart home technologies by Target. Yes, that Target. The displays were well done, showing a variety of products including Nest thermostats, Sonos autdio systems, Hue lighbulbs, August smartlocks, and the Ring video doorbell.

It is always easier to imagine using a new product after seeing it in its context of use, so it was helpful for both of us to see how these Internet of Things things might fit into our plans. Not all of them fit the way we want to live, but the most interesting are the video doorbell and the smartlocks.

Each room had a digital story that could be told about its products.

We have no idea what story is being told here in the baby's crib.

Don't need this product. Nope.

The one and only purpose of adding an acrylic Harley-Davidson
to the display was to communicate that you are in the garage.

While we do not want to use an app to unlock our front door, if we could have a fob in our pocket
that would unlock the door, that would be helpful.

My dream is to have a doorbell that plays a recording of fierce dogs when we are not home. Hmmm...

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