Sunday, April 2, 2017

Love & Taxes

I've been on a shredding tear lately (HA, see what I did there?) after finding some very old documents in drawers of furniture we put into storage a long time ago. Included in these files were tax info covering about ten years. Ordinarily, very old tax documents might not warrant much other than warming up the shredder and cooling down a favorite beverage. But, the years covered by these old documents were the years we met and married. And (are you on the edge of your seat yet?) in these envelopes of receipts were my paper calendars where I noted mileage and other deductions for that self-employed period in my life. I found these sweet entries in my datebook and they made me laugh. :-)

[Turns out that "Love & Taxes" was a 2015 movie. Did you see it?]

Our first date -- I had to write down his last name and didn't even spell it correctly.
Phillip was my hair stylist, and I have no memory of "Dan".)

Who needs to go shopping when you can go out again with Bill?

Our trip to go talk about wedding rings.
Carol is a longtime friend who is an amazing jeweler in San Francisco.

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