Sunday, April 2, 2017

Taking decorator advice for granite

We hope we are not ones to take our lovely friends for granted, but we did take a friend for granite shopping yesterday. It's time to choose a kitchen counter surface, and we knew that we wanted granite. The options are many and could be overwhelming if we let it be that way. But, alas, we have learned to take these things in bite-sized pieces and getting assistance from a dear friend is so helpful in narrowing down and making a choice.

We visited All Natural Stone in San Jose (recommended by Dan, Dan, the Cabinet Man) and were blown away by the beautiful options. As we walked around, we began to describe what we wanted for our kitchen, and decided that we wanted energy, but not drama, and nothing bland. Some of the shots below are stunningly beautiful, but not for our kitchen. Keep reading to see what we chose!

The showroom staff uses a special forklift attachment to move the slabs around, which we needed them to do so we could see the slab that we eventually chose. Watch the video to see how they do it -- very impressive!

And, here's our choice:
The granite slab for our counters

We had already chosen maple cabinets like this door, and the other sample will be our backsplash.

The backsplash

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