Monday, April 17, 2017

Our very own Easter egg hunt

Today, we had a lighting consultant in to talk about sconces, fixtures, and monorails and ended up having our own Easter egg hunt, one day late.

As we looked at our kitchen and talked in depth about the recessed can lights that are already there, he asked, "How will you see in this corner of the room? There's no can here." Ummmmm... We looked at how the lights lined up in the room and I said, "I'll bet that there is a can installed under the drywall." The lighting consultant said, "That never happens." Um, no. Actually, it can and does happen with new construction.

We had taken detailed photos before the drywall was installed and were able to quickly determine that the drywall installers had indeed covered the rough electrical connection in that corner for one of our lights. Time to cut a new hole and find the last egg.

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