Thursday, November 23, 2017

My punny valentine

We recently moved our spinet piano out of storage and look forward to getting it cleaned and tuned after the holiday rush. (Who knew that piano tuners are booked up months in advance?)

We winced when we tried to install the piano's music stand and realized that we did not have the vintage screws that hold it upright. Eventually, we will find a new set, but there hasn't been any structure to hold up sheets or a music book.

This morning, we unpacked several sets of dishes, some of which we do not recall at all. We stacked up some of these dishes and their matching cups on top of the piano to clear our workspace as we opened even more boxes.

Me, walking through: "Looks like you got yourself a music stand."
Bill: "Yes, a CUP-ple of them."
Both of us: {silly giggling}
Me: "You're learning 'Linus and Lucy'? squeeeeeeeee!"

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