Sunday, April 29, 2018

Going to see Iron Man

Yesterday, we went to see Iron Man. Not the movie, the *actual* iron man, Isaiah. He and his now departed father have been in the iron business for a very long time in San Jose, another of our completely amazing parts of San Jose that lots of people never see. He is a true artisan and a stark contrast to mass-produced parts. (HA, see what I did there?)

We are talking to him about building our driveway and side gate and were mighty impressed by his designs and work quality. He had visited the house to talk with Bill last week and learned a bit about Bill's carpentry experience which may come in handy on the project. When we sat down yesterday, they were tossing around wood and carpentry terms like old work chums, which is fun to listen to, considering they just met the other day.

We are still speaking with one other gate person, so I won't post Isiah's design here out of respect for the work he has put in already. Suffice to say that he designed gates that fit into the overall vibe of the house, and included puppy ports so the wee ones can see out and keep an eye on their domain. Woof!

Not our gate, just an example of the work done by this particular Iron Man.

Workplaces of trades people fascinate me!

Lots of protective gear in the workshop

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