Sunday, April 29, 2018

L, YES, we're ready to have real furniture.

After a bit of consideration, we have ordered furniture for our family room, YAY. We had great help from Marianne at Crate & Barrel, whose design fee goes towards the purchase of our pieces. She came to the house, took lots of measurements, took in the style of the house and chatted with us about how we wanted to use the space. We could not have done this without her help, and we thank her for her expert guidance.

We decided on an L-shaped sofa so that energy could be directed either towards or away from the TV, for movie nights versus dinner gatherings. It was an interesting geometry challenge to get a sofa that would fit into those needs, our space, and provide a firmness needed for two people who met each other in the chiropractor's office.

Marianne had some great choices laid out when we arrived, and we evolved it a bit together to come up with a nice selection that includes the pop of color that we really enjoy. These photos show how our selections were narrowed down.

Using paper pieces to think about the size of the rug that will go in the family room.

Some of Marianne's original options for us, but we decided against the striped material for pillows.

The tan material will be the softa, with the others as pillows (just one of the pattern)

What drew us to Crate & Barrel, you ask? We found their Greer chair in Berkeley a while back and settled on it.
The rug sample is on the left.

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