Thursday, May 23, 2019

Answering the call of love

With all of the robocalls and fraudulent solicitations, who doesn't screen calls these days? When we used an answering machine, we would call home and leave a brief greeting, attempting to get the other's attention if they were available.

Most often, it was me calling as I left the office (when I worked further away from home than I do now) and I needed to give Bill enough time to reach the phone. So, I would give him an extended "Hey!" to allow him to get to the phone.

And, "Hey, doll..." came from the two lovely souls who married us. Throughout their lives, they referred to each other with that sweet greeting and we have carried it forward.

When we needed to clear out the recordings, we want to capture some of those brief moments, since these are far more important to us than grand gestures. Here are 41 of those greetings, just for fun.

Here's to the little things in life, the moments when you snort laugh or belly giggle.

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