Saturday, May 4, 2019

Friday Furniture

Not our house! Catalog image...
Also not our house. Not enough color in the background!
Our house, our Hank.

Well, now. I'm a bit behind on all of the goodness that we have been adding to our house in the last few months. Some of what we have been doing is some Friday-night furniture shopping + supper out. That's hot date for us, buying a few new pieces after such a long but fun project.

Some of what we look for in new couches or chairs is the feel on our spines, an important checkpoint for two people who met in the chiropractor's office. Online shopping can take you only so far, so when buying a piece that will hold our bums, we've been visiting local stores for one room at a time.

We bought a love seat and chair + table for our front room, and we have already broken them in with Hank's help.

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