Saturday, May 4, 2019

Art you coming over?

One of our long-time motivators in getting projects done around our house is having guests over. Overnight guests get an extra few rounds of progress, but dinner guests get some benefits as well. Before last Thanksgiving (yes, I'm super behind with these blog posts!) Bill got all the cooking rolling and had a few extra minutes before we expected guests. So, he climbed up to hang a piece from his parents' home above their piano in our family room, a perfect spot.

The week before, he worked to hang our collection of fruit and vegetable labels from old San Jose canneries. These are originals (purchased on eBay, natch) that we framed ourselves many moons ago, and we have wanted them to grace our new kitchen for some time.

Who needs a ladder when you have a piano bench?

All done

There are more than this on other walls -- come visit to see them!

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