Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Contain yourself, the boxes are here!

Hank completes his quality inspection of the cabinet boxes.
I worked at home today and was on a few back-to-back calls in the afternoon. Hank came running up to me at one point, and with his trademark whimper/whine, he said, "My favorite person in the whole world won't let me help him with whatever he's doing." This all means that Hank is yet again suffering from a tragic case of separation anxiety with his fav human, Bill.

Throughout my meetings, my phone was buzzing on and off but I did my best to ignore it so that I could focus on my work calls. Then, I finished and realized that what Hank really wanted to communicate was, "Bill won't let me help him and Dan bring in the new kitchen cabinet boxes and that's not right..."

Yes, some of our new lower cabinet boxes arrived this afternoon! Exciting stuff. But then, every phase in our remodel has been exciting. That's just how we roll.

Our Ring doorbell captured some of the action as the boxes were brought in.

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