Saturday, March 11, 2017

The magic relief of "Garage Sale 2"

As we continue to prepare for our giant garage sale, we are sifting through boxes and paring down what no longer fits with us and our lives. But the process is sometimes not entirely clear. For example, when we pulled out a childhood coat that my mother made for me, made from a beautiful red wool with a lovely pleat down the back, lined by hand. She was an amazing tailor and seamstress who always had a project going to make her business suits, dresses for us, and ties for my father. Unfortunately, she also made underwear and bathing suits, which promptly were relegated to the back of the drawer, never to be seen again. So, what to do with such precious items? We know that we cannot hold on to all of these possessions, but will need to take a bit more time to make a decision.

So, we have created a new category of items, and say, "That will be for Garage Sale 2," meaning that we need more time to make a decision about where it will go. This relieves the potential stress of making some decisions too quickly and letting ourselves postpone culling too quickly.

In the case of that cute red coat, it will probably go to a little girl we know who loves vintage style which feels more right than our other choices. But what to do with the dress that I made for my college graduation? Oy.

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