Friday, March 3, 2017

Storage Strata, Part 3

We are fortunate to be having some help from sweet friends tomorrow with moving some of our stuff out of storage so that we can sort through all of it. We did more pre-sorting tonight and found some wonderfully nostalgic items in our boxes and it reminded us of past fun we have had and what fun we continue to have.

Some of the nostalgia goes way, way back to middle school and maybe before for me.

This box of pastels was part of the art supplies we had growing up. Most likely used more by my older siblings, but such a great bunch of colors and such a wonderfully stylish box.

Yes, yes, yes. My middle school crayons. I think that I wrote in all caps to mimic my father who I don't think ever wrote using mixed case.

For some reason, this survived from my early years in San Francisco when I created lots of paper crafts and illustrated regularly.
For many years, Bill played music with friends and they called themselves The Song Dogs. Someone in the band gave these sterling pieces to everyone, and this one has been hanging out in the pocket of an old music bag. Can you hear him howling?

Not just a pencil. Not just a non-photo blue pencil. So much more. Like an instant memory machine reminding me of Reg and Lora Kittrelle plus Debbie Macdonald and our adventures together.

From the year 2000. An Internet boom and bust experience, but I somehow missed the bust part. This writing pad reminds me of Lucia Soares and Christine Kiedaisch Hubbard and that impactful, slightly wacky year.

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