Saturday, March 11, 2017

Storage Strata, Part 4

We have been unwrapping framed photos and looking at each one as we decide which photos to separate from their frames so that we can cull the styles that no longer fit us. There was a moment tonight when we were each unwrapping framed photos and reviewing them. I unwrapped the one above, and here's how it went:

Me: [silently reviewing it to see if this is a relative about which I have forgotten...] "Um...."
Bill: [looking at it quizzically...] "Let's see now, who is that?"
Me: [dumfounded...] "I got nothing. I don't recognize this person. It's an interesting frame, though."
Bill: "What is that tag hanging off it?"
Me: "It says $2.00."
Bill" "We bought that at a garage sale for the frame. We don't know that person."

Silly laughing ensued.

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